After a wonderful job with an incredible team, worked for DISNEYLAND Paris during 4 years as a designer to create set & graphic decoration for windows, I decided that it was time for me to start to build my own creative DREAMLAND.

I moved in London to develop the amazing concept of SHARING CLOTHES, organize events & performances. I truly love to see people inside the same garment, have playful experiences, create connections, build new relationships, find a new friend (sometimes a new love), but always have a very pleasant moment of life! Clothes become a game and a real vector of human relationship.

During Summer 2013, I started to draw what it was impossible to live « in live », fantastic situations where clothes are there to HAVE SEX INSIDE. At the beginning, it was just to find new ideas and explore the erotic part of my concept. But I found my illustrations really funny, full of energy & positivity, and I decided to keep them for my own EROTIC DICTIONARY.

I use now my erotic illustrations to create hand painted walls and decorative projects. I develop also mapping videos for projection to create erotic atmophere during evenings & special events. Erotic spaces to live erotic dreams. LOVELAND. Never limit your imagination. Live it as far as you can.


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